For all-natural brain support.

For thousands of years, humans used herbs, plant extracts, and minerals as brain supplements to specifically improve their mental capabilities and to maximize their competitiveness and longevity.

The human brain is a miracle. It is the ultimate center of all thought, creativity, and life.  An adult brain weighs approximately 3 pounds and makes up 2% of the total body weight, but uses 25% of oxygen, 25% of nutrients and consumes up to 80% of all energy our body produces.

Like any organ in the body, the brain needs nourishment to operate effectively. Coffee and tea are the two most famous psychoactive stacks used by millions of people on a daily base to stimulate brain function.

Currently, nootropics, or cognition-improving dietary brain supplements, are widely consumed by various age groups as pills, capsules, beverages, energy bars and powders.


Brain supplements are taken for several reasons.

There are a many factors that motivate people to try brain supplements, such as BrainUP. A few of them are:

  • – As a healthy addition to an already overall healthy lifestyle by supplementing daily dietary allowances
  • – To cope with and excel in mastering daily challenges to mental and cognitive capacity
  • – To avert or delay the onset of stress and environmental toxin-induced disabling neurological diseases.

Lifestyle is an important factor of health. Unfortunately, our lifestyle today is relentlessly demanding, leaving us very little time to make conscious decisions about our diet. Millions of people have unhealthy diets and suffer from malnutrition, stress and sleep deprivation, causing nutritional deficiencies of essential nutrients.

The death of brain cells is a complex interaction of damaging factors and pathological events and is irreversible. Among those damaging factors are environmental toxins, mental and bodily stress, an unhealthy lifestyle and aging. Oxidative and nitrosative stress are also widely researched causes of neurodegeneration.

There are over 220 know environmental toxins confirmed as brain cell killers.

Some of the most common and well-known toxins are:

  • – Organophosphates and DDT/DDE used in pesticides and found on fruit and vegetables,
  • – Mercury found in batteries and light bulbs,
  • – Lead in paint and water pipes,
  • – Toluene in gasoline and exhaust fumes,
  • – Arsenic in some fruit juices,
  • – Formaldehyde in furniture and textiles.
  • and many more..

In addition to the environmental toxins, psychological stress caused by the increasingly high demands of our daily life further facilitate neuronal loss. Factors such as continuous sleep deprivation, malnutrition, exhaustion, conflicts in the family, severe health problems and significant life changes result in stress to mind and body. The combination of toxins and mental stress rapidly accumulate and play a fatal role in the development of degenerative brain diseases and other serious health problems.

The combination of environmental toxins and stress can cause excessive levels of ROS and overwhelm the body’s natural ability to offset them, resulting in Redox imbalance between ROS production and neutralization. Not neutralized free radicals and ROS initiate a destructive chain reaction in cells. They will “attack” indiscriminately anything in their vicinity to “steal” its electron, thereby turning the victim into a newly created dangerous free radical. This new free radical will attack another victim and turn it into a new free radical and so forth.

Among the victims of free radicals and ROS are cell membranes and biologically relevant molecules such as enzymes, proteins, and DNA, all vital for brain health, proper functioning and survival of brain cells. Continuous exposure to free radicals and ROS will ultimately kill any cell, especially the very fragile and irreplaceable brain cells.

Holistic Brain Supplement Braintain RiseUP plan an important role in a healthy mind-body balance.

Currently, science and modern medicine do not have any means to cure neurodegeneration and stop or reverse neuronal death in humans.  Therefore, preventive brain maintenance is the best form of protection. A well-cared brain, combined with a healthy lifestyle, will consistently perform at optimum mental levels and provide peak mind-body productivity and balance.

As health-conscious consumers with demanding careers and family life, members of our families have searched for products that can support us to maintain a healthy mind and body. Ultimately, unsatisfied with existing products, we decided to formulate our own brain supplement based on our personal and professional experience and credentials.

Braintain RiseUP is formulated to overcome lifestyle deficiencies.

Taking a well-balanced and holistic brain supplement such as Braintain RiseUP combined with adopting a healthier lifestyle can help to overcome
these deficiencies and help maintain good health, improve mental energy, enhance focus, and reduce fatigue.

Braintain RiseUP is a holistic brain supplement formulated to support well-balanced mind and body health. It uses only scientifically-backed ingredients that have been proven to prime the brain for alertness and cognitive processes like learning and problem-solving. As you age, Braintain RiseUP will be the most important weapon in your arsenal when it comes to fighting brain drain.

Braintain RiseUP can help you!

Thanks to Braintain RiseUP, everyday tasks will seem effortless and you’ll find yourself solving complex challenges with greater efficiency and ease. Because Braintain RiseUP fortifies the network by which brain cells
communicate and optimizes brain cell health, you’ll feel more awake, focused and alive all day long — without the side effects that stimulants or energy shots give you.
We know that you are interested in the science behind the formulation of our brain supplement and transparency is important to us. We provide you with a detailed explanation how each ingredient in Braintain RiseUP promotes your health.
Our aim is to not just be another seller of health products but your partner in achieving and maintaining a healthy mind and body balance through Braintain RiseUP, our holistic brain supplement.