About Braintain

Imagine not having to second-guess whether you locked the door or being able to grab groceries in the middle of a hectic day without reviewing your grocery list app a dozen times. 

What if you could execute tasks more efficiently at work, impress your boss and coworkers, and be an all-star at everything you do?

What would your life be like if you had razor sharp focus, increased energy, and an authentic sense of calm as you went about your day?

Would you get more done?
Worry less?
Feel more organized?

Wouldn’t that make work more fulfilling?

You bet it would.

Why We Created Braintain

Those are just a few of the goals we set out to achieve when we founded Braintain.

Our company evolved from the idea that improving things like memory, peace of mind, and the ability to focus can transform your life completely—and that long term reduction of stress can drastically improve your overall health.

We’ve been through many of these exact challenges. The journey of Braintain and our holistic brain food supplements began with our own struggles and strains, both personally and professionally.

Luckily, our brain-focused fields inspired us to seek answers rather than accept the modern status quo of feeling scattered all the time.

Who Are We?

Braintain is a small family-owned company—brain scientist, brain surgeon, and two wonderful children—based in Carlsbad, Southern California.

As a brain scientist and brain surgeon couple with a combined 40 cumulative years in our fields, we’ve worked at prestigious research and clinical institutions, developing groundbreaking tools to combat brain ailments of all kinds.

We’ve studied and tested solutions to the most critical diseases (including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, and Dementia), and committed ourselves to remaining on the cutting edge of new information and ideas. We’re proud to say that prestigious scientific and clinical journals have published our research findings and gave inspiration to other scientists and doctors to join the fight against brain diseases.

To give you a sense of how intense our field is, an 80-hour week isn’t out of the ordinary. Despite demanding professions, however, we place immense value on thriving in our personal lives.

We’re raising two wonderful daughters, ages six and fifteen, and keep a busy calendar packed with activities, trips, and leisure with family and friends. Parenting, as any mother or father can attest, is also an incredibly demanding full-time job.

As you may have guessed, we know a thing or two about the need to establish work-life balance, keep a steady head, and face each task with plenty of focus.

We’ve searched high and low for nootropics and supplements that would empower us to be productive professionally, parent attentively, and still have energy for a social life. And yes, we tried them all.

After failing to find any that could meet our rigorous standards, we decided to create our own.

What is Braintain?

Briaintain's holistic brain food supplements are specifically designed to...


…your memory, concentration, and mood


...against damaging free radicals and stress


...aiding in brain repair and neuroplasticity

Because holistic wellness is so important to us, we committed to using only high-quality, scientifically-backed, toxin-free ingredients from the best sources. Each of our products is manufactured in exceptionally qualified FDA approved facilities.

Our first-ever product, RiseUp, took over 2 years to formulate, with constant revisions based on the continuous evolution of scientific, nutritional, and pharmaceutical information available to us, which came directly from seasoned colleagues.

During the formulation process, we utilized not only our extensive know-how on brain function and health, but also the ancient wisdom of traditional medicine, which has been practiced for over 3000 years.

After trying the supplement ourselves and distributing samples to eager friends and family, we realized we’d created something truly life-changing.

The feedback was exceptional. The encouraging results were pouring in.  And thus, Braintain came to be.

Since our launch, we’ve been eagerly pouring days, weeks, and months into our research as we continue to develop world class products to support brain function and health.

We’ve both kept our day jobs because we love what we do—but also to stay on the cutting edge of brain wellness. We love using our own products to stay sharp, focused, and in good spirits as we take on each day’s various challenges.

As modern life evolves, both professionally and personally, so will our company—and so will the ways our supplements contribute to your quality of life.

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Where to find Braintain

Braintain is currently sold on our website and on Amazon.

You’ll notice that our packaging isn’t the fanciest, nor is our website! That’s because we’ve financed the entire company, including product research and production, from our own savings. All of our money has gone into creating the best possible product.

We’re committed to remaining focused exclusively on our customers.

We invite you to try RiseUp risk-free. We’re confident that we can offer you a truly efficient brain supplement that will increase efficiency, improve mood, and care for your brain for years to come.

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To your health,
Dr. D & Lauren