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Braintain RiseUp is a groundbreaking brain health supplement that can improve your daily routine, helping you navigate the demands of modern life confidently.

Braintain supports your brain’s natural chemistry rather than changing it.

If you’ve tried other nootropics supplements without results, try RiseUp risk-free today.

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3 Ways Braintain Can Improve Your Life

(Hint: It’s not just another nootropics supplement)

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Increase brain power

Our holistic neuroactive formula is enhanced with generous micro-nourishment to maintain cognitive power and combat age-related mental decline.


Stay mentally sharp

Maximum cognitive potential means faster memory recall, sharper focus and enhanced clarity through augmented mitochondrial support.

Live calmly

Avoid burnout

Defend your brain against free radicals generated by stress and environmental aggressors with antioxidants that fight mental burnout.


What Makes RiseUp Better Than Competing Nootropics?

Active neuroscientists and brain surgeons (a.k.a. the best minds in brain health) came together to formulate RiseUp. It contains the full spectrum of 14 of the most brain-supportive ingredients.

RiseUp provides safe and powerful support for your daily life, infusing you with energy and focus without jittery bursts or sudden crashes. Our natural formula supports your brain’s function by complementing it rather than attempting to modify it.

It combines ancient herbal remedies from traditional chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine and mayan medicine with groundbreaking neuroscience to boost your brain’s health for peak performance.

We’re so confident that this incredible brain function, focus, and memory enhancer will work for you, we’re offering a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee!


The Braintain Guarantee



Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Caffeine Free

Caffeine Free







How Does Our RiseUp Supplement Work?

No mystery, no magic—just lots (and lots) of science.

When you take RiseUp regularly, it provides a powerful, all-natural defense for your memory, mood, and cognition against environmental stress and aging.

Natural nourishment and protection are essential for cellular integrity, healthy mitochondrial metabolism, neuroregeneration and neuroplasticity and crucial for the prevention of stress and aging-related cognitive decline.

RiseUp will shield your brain and fortify its natural mechanisms for long-lasting improvement to your memory, focus, and clarity.

Who Is RiseUp For?

The neuroactive formula for energetic minds









Don’t Take Our Word For It

Read reviews from a few Braintain believers

..I have Fibromyalgia, which is often accompanied by a “Fibro Fog” which impairs memory and ability to stay on task. Even when my FMS is stressing me with pain, I’m not experiencing the debilitating Fibro fog… I’m a believer in BRAINTAIN RiseUP.

– Sara F., Industrial Engineer


..The world is full of a sharpness and color I had never known before. I’ve been taking BRAINTAIN RiseUP product for over a month now and my focus and energy levels are both noticeably increased.

– Ryan V., Ph.D. Financial Analyst.


…But the craziest thing is, I forgot to take it for a few days, and I felt like a complete dope…I have been taking this now for 2 months and I am hooked. I will be taking BRAINTAIN RiseUP for the rest of my life!

– Anne J., Biotech Scientist


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